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Wedding Styling: The White Emporium’s Top Five Tips

Wedding Styling: The White Emporium’s Top Five Tips

We’ve got the most wonderful recommended suppliers here at Tip Top Venues that we work closely with on our events, so I thought I would give you an insight on who they are and what they do, starting with The White Emporium; a beautiful styling company that specialises in creating design, décor and details for all kinds of events. Gemma and her team work predominately with Weddings and love to work with couples that are dreaming of a relaxed and individual wedding!

They have styled many of our previous Weddings and have also worked with on some of TTV’s in-house events, like our Christmas Cinema and TipiFest. Their work can be tailored to your vision and that’s what we love most!

Now The White Emporium has teamed up with Nikkita Palmer Designs to offer a range of styled up hire packages called The Eclectic Collection allowing you the freedom to pick up a pre-styled hire setup and insert it into our day. From help yourself bars to chill out areas to dance floor back drops, keep checking The White Emporiums website for range launches.

At TTV we strive to make each couple’s day a bespoke and individual experience and it’s great to work with people who have that same attitude and ambitions as us.

With all their experience, we thought who better to ask for their tips on styling a Wedding, than this creative biz…

Tip one – Get Mood Boarding –

There is so much inspiration available between blogs, Instagram, magazines and Pinterest that your brain and creative direction can become cluttered. Pinterest can be a dream but also a nightmare as you become over whelmed with the look you want to create. I strongly recommend either creating a physical mood board or one on your computer, select only your favourite images and you will soon see your wedding direction come together.

Tip Two – Colour variety –

I don’t believe in restricting your wedding style to one colour, instead create a range of colours to incorporate throughout your day, for flowers, stationary, wedding outfits and styling details. You will find your concept sits more naturally together, looks more relaxed and effortless and will also stand the test of time longer.

Tip Three – Don’t get hung up on a theme –

Weddings don’t have to be themed. They should incorporate your personalities and taste. I specialise in creating laid back weddings full of atmosphere and to do this I ask my couples to really think about what matters to them and what makes them unique. What they like and what they don’t like. Weddings are no longer restricted to following set rules so it is very much your wedding your way. Don’t get hung up on a label, your wedding can combine styles and incorporate many different elements such as modern elegance and boho vibes.

Tip Four – Source The Right Suppliers –

Make sure the suppliers fit your look and also you feel a connection with them, in some cases these could be people you will be having a lot of contact with over the planning process so you want to ensure it will be a natural process and fully trust them to deliver your vision. If you’re looking for wild and romantic than pick a florist who’s hand writing is similar, someone who’s portfolio is full of neat and structured styles may not translate your vision so easily. Do your research, social media is amazing for this, you can see vast examples of a suppliers work on Instagram and Facebook so have a good stalk and read the reviews before you commit.

Tip Five – Be prepared  –

Preparation is key for styling a wedding, from spreadsheets to track budget spending to guest lists, it is key to stay on track of your wedding planning. Styling so should be treated no differently. If you are setting up yourself think of the areas you are focusing on, sketch the setup and write a list of everything you need for that area. Create labelled boxes for each area and make sure everything you need is in that box. Do the same for each reception table, including place names, favours, table centres and candles. Create a styling kit, this is essential if you are setting up yourself, fill your kit with everything that you could possibly need to cover any eventuality during the setup. I would list essentials as scissors, fishing wire, selotape, pins, pens and super glue. If all this seems daunting or you want to relax before your wedding then get in touch with a stylist. With years of experience covering a wide variety of weddings, I have a go to styling kit, plus the confidence to make on the spot decisions, leaving you to relax and enjoy your wedding knowing the vision you have spent months planning and dreaming will be bought to life.

One of my absolute favourite pieces of Gemma’s work was when she showcased her work on our Open Day, the table pieces that they styled on the table was just stunning and the collaboration with Flowers at 58 just made the table look magical. On another Open Day, The White Emporium had decorated the top tables chairs and made them look extra special – I mean, can we actually appreciate this please? How PRETTY?!!

We love working with The White Emporium team and we are so excited for the work we will do with them this year! Don’t forget to head over to The White Emporiums website to check out their work if you are interested!

Bring on summer 2020! 😊

The White Emporium –

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Winner of the 2017/18/19 Venue Stylist of the Year

Four Counties Wedding Awards

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